COM/DCOM Requirements under Windows


To achieve true Enterprise level control of the data storage system and its individual components InveStore v4 uses the architecture of Microsoft’s MMC and COM/DCOM programs. This provides the framework for InveStore v4 and requires that certain services and protocols be installed and started on the server that InveStore is installed on. This is determined by the nature of how these Microsoft programs function, and not by the InveStore snap-in console.


The functionality that these requirements provide must be in place on the server in order for the MMC InveStore console to be able to communicate properly to the "local" system. If the server that InveStore is installed on does not have ALL of these services started, or if your IT department has disabled or modified certain aspects of these services, then the functionality needed will not be available thereby affecting the ability of InveStore to perform its tasks.


We have identified the following requirements for the MMC and COM/DCOM programs:


Protocols: NetBIOS or DNS entry for your server (Local Machine), TCP/IP


Installed services: DCOM, Server, RPC


Installed programs: Explorer 5 or newer for MMC


However, with the almost weekly changes in the Windows OS due to "security" patches and updates, the above list may not identify all of the dependencies for these Microsoft programs.