Adding a Second Drive in an existing Library


Important Note: Pegasus does not sell nor does it provide hardware support services. While we will attempt to provide the end user with information that we may have on a storage device it is the responsibility of the end user to resolve any device issues encountered with the manufacturer directly.


Communication with the Storage Device:


At startup, InveStore performs a scan of the SCSI bus via the ASPI manager in the operating system. This is done to determine what devices are present.  InveStore's Optical Hardware Interface Manager (OHIM) records the status of the devices reporting and their associated SCSI IDs in the InveStore log file and console menu options. InveStore simply reports what is on the bus and cannot be configured to modify or correct any problems with the setup of the device.


If the InveStore software is showing that the storage device is being reported as multiple libraries rather than one then this indicates that the device is not correctly setup or configured properly. 


There are no InveStore software changes that Pegasus can provide you to correct this problem. This is a device level setup problem with the storage device itself. If the storage device continues to report itself to the ASPI inquiry as being 2 separate devices, then that is how InveStore will treat it.


General Information:


In most cases when a jukebox configuration is modified from the original manufactured configuration (such as adding a drive to a single drive configuration) it also requires that the jukebox controller Firmware be updated so that it is able to recognize and function with the new configuration.


This update may be a software update to the existing firmware, and/or it may require that the EPROMS be physically changed on the controller board of the jukebox itself. It may also require that changes be made via the front panel of the jukebox itself.


In some cases there may be jumper/dip switch settings that must be manually set inside of the jukebox, or on the storage drives.


Consult your device user manual, or contact the jukebox manufacturer to determine what modifications are required on your storage library in order to correctly setup the device for the change you have made.