Configuring Volume Backup


The backup operation assumes you are using two libraries, a library that has more than one drive, a library that has access to other storage servers, or a library with a standalone drive.


To start the backup process, right-click on the Server node and select Properties:





From the Properties screen, select the Backup Schedule tab:




The Backup Schedule screen shows backup relationships if there are any and when they are scheduled to execute. The Source is the volume set that you desire to backup. The Target is the destination volume set and must have the capacity of the Source volume set.


The deletion or modification of an existing backup pair is executed from the primary backup screen by selecting the pair in the Scheduled Backups screen and making the desired selection.

Note: If the Source Volume Set was created using the Lazy Write algorithm, then you MUST make sure that the current algorithm set for when the backup is executed is also set to Lazy Write. (Please see the Default Cache Algorithm in the User Guide for more information on how this parameter is set.)