Backing Up An Storage Volume


Pegasus recommends that in all data storage applications utilizing storage media as its primary storage device, that the storage media should be backed-up as you would with any other media used to store critical information. Whether you use another storage disk or some form of tape or hard disk, it is important that the back-up media can be read back into the system in a form that the application can use quickly to avoid downtime.


Using the InveStore Volume Set to Volume Set backup program and a storage system with at least 2 drives, the operator can create a complete set of backup storage media containing their critical data. Paired volume sets are created as backup sets. These backup sets are run fully or incrementally and when full, the original is taken out of the system and stored off-site.


In the event of a storage media failure, the backup storage media is reintroduced to the system and immediately the data is back on line (no waiting for recovery from a different media type to storage).


Note: Backup functions are not applicable to the CD/DVD-ROM product.


Before starting your backup, verify that your Primary volume and Backup (target) volume sets are both on-line. This procedure assumes you have established the backup relationships.


Note: The backup (target) volume set must be a formatted or a reformatted media without any files written to it.