Standard Features

InveStore’s high-performance file system and advanced memory caching algorithms access and store data quickly and efficiently, and offer flexible disk usage. InveStore complies with sections 1, 2, and 3 of OSTA and ISO standards for storage disk storage and is fully backward compatible with earlier Pegasus formats. Features include:


·      Hierarchical Cache Management (HCM) with RAM cache.

·      Support for dual picker libraries.

·      Runs as a service under Microsoft Windows.

·      Support for UNC and Long File Names.

·      Support for WORM and Re-writable storage, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM/RAM, and UDO devices combined on the same server license.

·      An easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI) provides full control of the storage system from a central console.

·      Multi-user access supports up to 1000 users with one server. InveStore’s 32-bit kernel is multi-threaded and multi-tasking.

·      Extensive volume management tracks data in and out of storage devices.

·      Mount and Unmount disks, set drive parameters, and report errors without disrupting the file server.

·      Drive letter access.

·      Integrated platter-to-platter backup.

·      Operating system independent disk format provides the ability to mount disks under diverse system platforms.

·      API tools supports integration of InveStore features into software applications.