Keyboard and Mouse Conventions

InveStore lets you use both mouse navigation and keyboard commands for system operations.




The left mouse button is used to select items or double click on icons. The right mouse button is used to display a list of options available in a specific position.




The following keys and key combinations help you navigate and use the InveStore graphical user interface. For a comprehensive list of these keys, open Help on the top menu bar and choose Keys Help.

      To switch to another program, group, or on-line document, press and hold down Alt, then press Esc.

      To switch to and from the top menu bar, press the F10 key.

      To move from one menu to another, use the left and right arrow keys.

      To move up and down through menu options, use the arrow keys until you reach the desired option. Or, type the underlined letter that corresponds to the name of the option you want.

      To navigate through a dialog box, use the Tab key.