Graphical User Interface Features

Using Microsoft Management Console (MMC) modules, the InveStore v4 interface allows greater functionality within the console and easy "snap-in" of your MMC compliant modules. Using the MMC as the basis for our management console (GUI) eliminates the need for a proprietary console. Users are presented with a standard look and feel for system management. Manage multiple InveStore storage servers, import and export disks, rename platters, reserve disk space, adjust performance parameters, view drive & volume details, format disks, create volume sets and more.


InveStore provides access to re-moveable storage devices such as standalone drives, libraries, auto-changers and towers through Microsoft Windows operating systems and presents extended storage as a single, hierarchical file system. Through a single drive letter, applications can utilize terabytes of storage as easily as using a server hard drive. Data and files are accessed using the normal operating system commands.