File Systems

InveStore supports the following file systems:

      Pegasus High Performance Worm Storage File System - HPWOFS - Revision 1, a write once, read multiple formats - the standard format utilized in the former Pegasus-OFS for DOS, OS/2 and Windows software products. Disks migrated from these legacy systems are supported under InveStore with this format. 

       Pegasus High Performance Worm Storage File System - HPWOFS -Revision 2, is designed to support multiple storage media types, including WORM optical, CD, DVD, UDO, as well as tape in the future. Pegasus-AFS is backwards compatible with the HPWOFS legacy format. All disks formatted by InveStore (new or reformatted MO re-writable) are formatted under InveStore using the new Pegasus-AFS format.

       ISO 9660 level 1 for CD-based media and for WORM and Re-writable based media.

NOTE: Legacy media formatted with HPWOFS 1 continues to be written using the Revision 1 format under InveStore until reformatted (for Re-writable MO).