About InveStore v4

InveStore Storage Management Software v4 was designed to meet the market demands for seamless integration with the Windows operating system and incorporates a user interface architecture based on Microsoft’s MMC and including the use of COM objects.


·      InveStore v4 provides Explorer like functionality, while maintaining compatibility and support for the historical media and storage devices that are used for storage management.

·      InveStore v4 provides the functionality to expand single- volume limitations, spanning multiple volumes for increased data archival capability.

·      InveStore v4 provides greater functionality and Enterprise level control of the data storage system and its individual components.

·      InveStore v4 provides an easy-to-implement software solution for connecting your storage device (MO, WORM, CD- ROM, DVD-ROM/RAM, UDO hardware) under Windows 2000/XP/2003.  It provides superior capability for the developer using our product to integrate Data management and storage functions, directly into their applications.