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InveStore - For single server to enterprise configurations, these powerful  products are feature rich data repository and management tools for archive and compliance based applications.

The InveStore software was designed, from the very beginning, to be a single point of access archive storage management system. Its powerful file management and hardware agnostic support has provided thousands of installations with the freedom from specific or limited file formats and compatibility with a wide range of current and legacy storage hardware. The InveStore product line now includes a secure and reliable magnetic disk WORM configuration: InveStoreHD

Archiving is a long-term application and user requirement. Vast amounts of data must be secure, you must have access to it when needed and that access may come long after the initial data was stored.
InveStore was built on a strong foundation designed to support the features and functionality needed to address the tough requirements now facing almost every corporate user that stores any customer or consumer data. Users continue to demand more efficient storage. Utilizing InveStoreHD with fast access secure WORM hard disk for immediate access and optional removable off-line WORM media for retention of all archive data archive for security and disaster recovery, you save money and conserve energy while maintaining maximum regulatory compliance in the archive.

We strongly suggest an archive solution that utilizes the most reliable system configurations of both hard disk for access performance and an industry standard removable WORM media, such as Blu-ray on the back-end to protect and secure critical archive data. While adding a removable media device to your InveStore system is optional, magnetic systems alone are not enough to deliver full protection for your critical archive data. Critical user archive data and information regulated by Government is too sensitive for a single media system where risk of loss is probable due to drive and power failures. If you choose to use only magnetic disk hardware for your archiving, be sure to only use RAID based configurations to ensure the highest level of redundancy within the system. For a more detailed look at the realities of maintaining any kind of disk only system for your archive or fixed content data, we suggest reading this
Hard Disk Failure Trends Article published by Google, user of one of the largest disk farms in existence. We hope that it helps you to understand the importance of a tiered approach to managing archives.

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