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Pegasus Products - InveStoreHD: WORM Hard Disk Archiving

InveStoreHD- Secure Cost Effective Archive Storage for the Masses


Pegasus' InveStoreHD software creates secure Write Once-Read Many (WORM) archives on virtually any magnetic hard disk location. InveStoreHD will support an unlimited amount of archive storage on hard disk and provides an option for adding a removable WORM media device for permanent, off-site or back-up. InveStoreHD is a one price, unlimited archive storage solution that is fully backward compatible with previous versions of InveStore as well as being a solution to replace cumbersome, support intensive optical libraries and without expensive conversions. 


• Cost Effective Secure Archive Storage Solution on Hard Disk with No Capacity Limitations 

• Create, Store and Access Secure Archive Storage Data on Any Local or Network Storage Location 

• Add an Optional Removable Media, such as Blu-Ray WORM for Back-up, Compliance or Disaster Recovery. Plug-and-Play support

• Backward Compatible with Previous Versions Of InveStore - Replace an Old Optical Library WITHOUT Application or Data Conversions! Users can transfer all legacy data from an optical library to new hard disk based

• Anytime, anywhere readability over the network

• Future-proof storage technology

• Expands as your needs change

Click here to view the InveStoreHD Specification Sheet