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Pegasus' InveStore® v4 delivers secure data storage management for Windows, providing the means to meet compliance regulations such as Financial (SEC, Sarbanes-Oxley), Medical (HIPAA, DICOM, PACS), Government (DOD), Legal Admissibility (ISO-18501 and 18509) and many others.

InveStore is Enterprise Storage Management Software for Blu-ray, DVD, MO and UDO WORM and Rewriteable drives. In addition, its supports a wide range of magnetic disk for performance archiving in connection with cost effective and secure removable media. Pegasus is also on-track to support the latest holographic storage drives and media when released in the near future.

Using InveStore you can reduce your overall archive management costs by connecting and controlling all your archive based secondary storage technology in a heterogeneous storage environment within Microsoft Windows. With InveStore, users decide what type of archive hardware and media best fits their needs based on access and retention requirement, and total overall cost of ownership of the archive storage system. System functions are administered through an Explorer-like management console that includes wizards for common operations and enables remote administrator access. Off-line media tracking helps to manage disks removed from the library. An integrated backup utility allows for the copying of media for disaster recovery. Flexible write modes allow direct-to-disk archiving or caching for enhanced performance. InveStore supports any combination of WORM, Blu-ray, UDO, MO, CD-ROM and DVD media.

Product Features

  • Microsoft Windows 2003 and XP Server support
  • Windows 2003 Storage Server Appliance Edition support
  • Off-line Volume Management
  • Heterogeneous access to secondary storage
  • Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Snap-in
  • Spanning of Files, Media, and Libraries
  • Support for Blu-ray, UDO, DVD, CD, WORM and Hard Disk
  • COM/DCOM based developer kit
  • Supports Backup utilities from several major suppliers
  • No file or volume size limitations
  • Extensive legacy hardware support
  • InveStore provides flexible interfaces
        Transparent file system and drive letter access
        Easy to use Administration tools and utilies
        A developer API for integration with software applications
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