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Pegasus Partners

Partner Program - Overview

  Pegasus works closely with industry leading companies to provide outstanding products, service and support to customers. Listed here are the categories of companies with which we actively form partnerships.

Application ISVs
ISVs integrate Pegasus storage management software with their applications solutions that require a secure back-end storage archive. Applications range from document management to medical imaging.

Distributors recommend and sell Pegasus solutions to their customers as companion products for the wide range of optical, CD and DVD hardware available in the market.

OEMs design storage management interfaces around core Pegasus software for integration with a total application solution. Some partners commission Pegasus to support proprietary media formats or to customize Pegasus software to include their name, logo and product name.

Makers of optical disk, CD and DVD hardware partner with Pegasus to ensure the best operation and integration with the latest storage solutions. Service and support are greatly enhanced because of these important industry partnerships.

Value Added Resellers (VARs) include Pegasus storage management software in the products they offer their customers. Through these channels, Pegasus software solutions are available worldwide.