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InveStore Version 4.60.01 - Now Shipping!

For single server to enterprise configurations, InveStore v4 storage management software is a feature rich storage management tool for secondary storage devices used in archive and compliance based applications along with hard disk for performance based accessibility. InveStore v4 supports the Microsoft Windows platform and operates as a snap-in to the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). Mixed media storage configurations are also supported as a single shared access point. InveStore v4 includes a COM/DCOM based developers toolkit.

InveStore is Enterprise Storage Management Software for Blu-ray, DVD, MO and UDO WORM and Rewriteable drives. In addition, its supports a wide range of magnetic disk for performance archiving in connection with cost effective and secure removable media. Pegasus is also on-track to support the latest holographic storage drives and media when released in the near future.

InveStore includes a series of advanced security, data protection and accessibility options and features including digital signatures, data verification and validation, off-line media management and file and volume spanning. The system provides extensive options for the advanced user or installs and protects a users data immediately with a simple installation wizard process.

InveStore offers support for a wide range of file formats on removable media. Pegasus is committed to supporting all current industry standard file formats as well as formats developed by 3rd parties, and all under the same common user or developer interface. This unified view approach to storage management reduces the overall cost of ownership by eliminating the need for multiple separate servers or non-compatible user or developer interfaces.

InveStore is also fully backward compatible with user data and disks written under previous versions of Pegasus on current and other operating systems supported, providing continued access to your critical data.

InveStore v4 Product Documentation

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