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The InveStore® Advantage

Pegasus Disk Technologies was founded in 1988 to develop and market archive file systems for write-once media types designed for the long-term storage of critical data. Headquartered in San Ramon, California, today Pegasus delivers the InveStore® storage management software package utilizing the Pegasus-AFS™, an industry leading archive file system for the compliance storage market in both the primary and secondary storage environment.

The Pegasus Archive File System (Pegasus-AFS) is designed specifically for archive media and provides superior access to secondary storage technologies for your long-term archive data utilizing both industry standard and third party file formats, providing a common interface to stored data. With it, users can interact with secondary storage hardware as easily as with a magnetic hard drive. The Pegasus-AFS is one of the most popular archive file and volume managers used by developers of document storage and retrieval systems. Our archive products lead the market in Microsoft Windows and NT archive file systems, single point access, and configuration flexibility, with the ability to scale using a wide range of vendors and media types.

In today's customer-driven world, companies are looking to reduce their costs of infrastructure and operation and to increase revenue through improved customer retention and loyalty. Our trusted, skilled partners leverage Pegasus' technology to deliver products and services to your customers quickly and cost-effectively - helping you achieve substantial return on investment. Embedding Pegasus products has real benefits for application software vendors.

Business Focus
Leave the task of long-term data storage to the specialists. Pegasus can ensure you meet the most exacting standards and support the widest range of devices whilst freeing your resources to focus on creating real competitive advantages in your solution.

First impressions are important. Embedding Pegasus products can simplify the entire installation process. There are no separate software downloads. Our plugable MMC approach allows for a single unified installation script and automatic configuration.

The Bottom Line
Pegasus helps keep your costs under control in three important ways. First, embedding cuts development costs and eliminates risk. Secondly, your products get to market sooner, leading to a faster return on your investment. Finally, you can benefit from the reduced costs associated with a long-term partnership with Pegasus.
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